Track Listing...
Side (A):
1. One More For The Gallows
2. The Slavedrivers Of Ur
3. Ornaments
4. Black Hole
5. Beasts Of The Night
Side (B):
6. Enter The Shadow Of A Tyrant MP3 (3 MB)
7. Existence
8. The Trojan Whores
9. Security Über Alles
10. Vivisection

One More For The Gallows. LP
Ruin Nation Records • BOLLOX 025
Year: 21.02. 2011
LP • Retail: Euro 8.00

Norways gloomiest and heaviest crust-monster is back! 4 years after their first full lengh "Scavengers Feast" , they might have presumed dead and gone but they we're just waiting out in the dark closet to gain and regenerate their power and force much more than ever before. Yet, 4 years later, SUMMON THE CROWS are prepared to unleash a brand new studio album of 10 manic and intense Bulldozer-Crust anthems that come along with a distinctive blackened vibe and a vary of fast and mid-tempo elements in their songwriting not unlike old Black Metal but with a way better production and a hell lot of sound and urge for power in their production! - You might spot some bits of influence here and there, reminding you sometimes of SLAYER, CELTIC FROST or even the old vintage VOIVOD. - A guttural sick vibe within the vocals, a bass and drum unit that weights several tons and a heavy shredding and chugging guitar that creates a sonic juggernaut of grim and dire tunes.

SOMMON THE CROWS` are far beyond the cliché when it come to their lyrical content and tend to deliver a way more brutal, undisguised but honest message. A misanthropic view upon the state of mind we're in. Face down in the dirt of what we call "history" and "civilisation" in general.

“One more for the gallows” was recorded in 2010 at Oslo´s amazing Endless Tinitus Studio, Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering and comes with a 30 x 60 poster insert including lyrics and artwork. If you ever seen them Live you know what kind of powerhouse this Band is, especially to keep in mind they are a three piece unit that manages to walz over the audience like a steamroller on speed. The new wave of Norvegian Blackened Crust has arrived! Don´t miss them out on tour soon in 2011!



"First and last I'd previously heard of Summon The Crows was 2004's sturdy if unmemorable 7" for Nakkeskudd Plater, but, ta-da, here they now are with a decidedly beefier outing for Southern Lord. While still very much rooted in the crusty thud of that earlier EP things have been bulked out and metalised, the Norsemen now seemingly gunning for the decidedly grimier sounds of Acephalix, Sanctum and Bolt Thrower. The guttural vocals and relentless hatchetlike riffing are all agreeable enough, charging recklessly along whilst satisfactorily smothered in a pervading cloud of murk and misery that renders 'One More For The Gallows' a solid slab of metallic crust and a nice enough addition to a newly hardcore-focused roster that features the likes of Nails and The Secret." - Collective Zine (UK)

"In a metal landscape increasingly dominated by technical heroics, it’s inevitable that a group will rise to deliver a dose of blunt, crusty reality to the masses. On One More for the Gallows, Summon the Crows show that they’re more than up to the task, letting loose ten tracks of unfettered crustcore fury on an unsuspecting public. With a nod to bands like Discharge and Amebix, the album follows in the D-beat tradition by not just trying to be heard by listeners, but attempting to bowl them over before they can react to the oncoming tide. This kind of direct, blunt-force approach makes the album the perfect sort of cathartic listen, eschewing chin-stroking virtuosity for raw sludgy fury. This approach makes songs like “The Trojan Whores” and “Enter the Shadow of a Tyrant” seem almost refreshing, focusing on the hostile intensity that their sound is rooted in. With the album clocking in at just over 25 minutes, it’s hard to deny that intensity is definitely the watchword here, with Summon the Crows heading straight for the listening public’s collective jugulars as they bash and pummel their way through this amazing piece of throwback hardcore." - ALLMUSIC.COM


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